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What is in this kit? Over 15 products. All organic. All fair trade. All herbs and natural extractions for internal use, topicals, organic cotton bandaging, instructions, long shelf life just right for your new bunker.


Have a burn, cut, bite, sting, can’t get a wound to stop bleeding after an acute injury, an infected wound? Had a freak accident? Have children or dogs? SAFE for both. Keep this in your car or in your home. Always available for road trips and family trips. This exclusive and limited item is one of the creations I am most proud of because we have needed this kit as a team this year and I never viewed it as that.


All products will be anti-inflammatory, antiseptic & antibacterial.


Aloe Vera powder (10oz)

Dragons blood tincture

Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense capsules

Helichrysum essential oil

Transdermal bandages

Organic cotton bandages and gauze

Pau de arco bark tea

Pau d arco bark tincture

Manuka Honey 20+ UMF 829*MGO

Activated Charcoal capsules

Ashagwandha Capsules

Natures Aspirin Tinture

Hemp indica RSO for pain

Saline spray

Drawing salve

Celtic salt

Bentonite Clay

Wooden Mixing bowl

Naturally Organic "First Aid Kit"

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