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Meet the Founder

Luz N.

Luz obtained her master’s degree in Public Administration and Non-Profit Management from Nathan Weiss Graduate College in New Jersey. She is a certified Usui Reiki Master and practitioner of Tibetan Burmese Five Elements; both practices are used to promote daily balance, uplifting, and harmonious feelings.

Luz dedicates her time writing grants for non-for-profit organizations and higher education institutions, assisting Reiki clients, or making wellness enhancing products for Salve My Body LLC.

Her journey of learning herbalism began during her childhood. She had the pleasure to discover about herbal extractions from her knowledgeable grandmother. Herbalism has played a big role in her life. To Luz, the essential oil of any plant represents the blood of a plant. Later on in her life, the information her grandmother passed down to her which helped her create balms,  herbal slaves and tinctures to ease her father’s chronic pain.

Salve my Body LLC.

All ingredients have been lab tested. Certificate of Analysis available upon request. All products are animal testing free.

Salve My Body LLC.  is your complete source of wellness enhancement . We exclusively use the highest quality ingredients grown in the United States. 

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