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Using drawing salves to treat and get rid of boils is another common use for this type of ointment. Boils are a specific type of infection that forms just under the top layer of the skin. They are specifically caused by a bacteria-infected or inflamed hair follicle and often grow to contain pus. They can occur in a singular instance or a group is known as a carbuncle. Most boils start as a slightly red and tender bump under the skin and then swell up, fill with pus, and turn white. Most boils eventually rupture and drain on their own, but they can be very painful and cause severe fever or illness if left untreated.

Drawing slaves are one form of treatment that can help treat boils. The salve can be placed on the boil in its initial stages to speed up the natural boil development process.


Essentially, the salve will help to draw out the pus more quickly than your body can naturally, causing the boil to expand and fill up with the infection more quickly. Hastening this part of the process speeds up the rupturing, draining, and healing processes as well. Using the drawing salve in combination with a warm antiseptic or antibacterial compress can be especially effective.


Drawing salve for infection

Drawing salves can also be effective at treating other types of infections as well. They work similarly on other infections as they do with boils. Spreading the salve over the infected area can help the body release the infection more quickly as well as speed up the time it takes to heal. Some examples of infections that drawing slaves can assist with are skin infections left behind by foreign objects, most commonly splinters, and infections that develop from minor cuts and abrasions. It can also be effective at soothing and helping some insect and spider bites.


What is drawing salve used for?

Drawing salve is a topical ointment used to treat various skin issues, such as boils, splinters, bug bites, and minor skin irritations. It works by drawing out the infection or foreign object while providing a layer of protection to the area. It can also help to reduce inflammation and swelling.


How do you use drawing salve?

Drawing salve should be applied directly to the influenced region. Before applying, it is crucial to clean the area with warm water and soap. At that point, a thin layer of the salve should be applied to the region and covered with a bandage. The salve should be left on for at least 8 hours or until the infection or foreign object is drawn out

Drawing Salve

  • Charcoal, Magnesium, Bentonite clay, Hawaiian Sea Salt, Nutmeg essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil , Clove essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, Wintergreen essential oil, Organic Olive oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Cacao butter & Probiotics.

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