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Our wild foraged Reishi from upstate NY is potent and effective. The reishi mushroom has an extensive history of use spanning over 4,000 years. In texts and scripts from thousands of years past, it was cited as being a tonic for emperors. Colloquially and endearingly, it is referred to as the “mushroom of immortality” for its bounty of wellness benefits. Once so highly valued that it was only afforded by the noble classes, it was eventually cultivated by Chinese practitioners, making it attainable to all.

Reishi is a polypore mushroom, growing in damp, dark forests, and on the occasional rotting log. Modern day demand has compelled its cultivation in Japan, China, and the United States, which is encouraging for the wild stands of reishi, native to Asia, North America, and Europe.

In traditional and contemporary Chinese medicine reishi is admired as a tonic for benefitting vital energy or “Qi”. The fruiting body has a multitude of constituents, most notably polysaccharides called beta-glucans, which are water soluble. It also contains alcohol soluble triterpenes.


These and many other aspects of reishi support the body’s immune defenses and immune health to help you stay feeling your best.*


These beneficial mushrooms are considered adaptogenic and are regularly prepared as tea, used in herbal broths and soups, and are double extracted to create tinctures. The double extraction brings forth both the water and alcohol soluble constituents into the extract.


Our Reishi extract also known as Ganoderma is carefully double extracted in Boulder, Colorado. Reishi tincture tastes earthy and somewhat bitter and can be taken directly on the togue or in water or juice. This extract is wonderful when blended with other mushroom extracts such as chaga or turkey for an individualized combination. Reishi tincture is versatile and goes well with beverages including vanilla rooibos tea or herbal coffee.

Reishi Tincture

  • Organic alcohol, water, and dried organic reishi mushroom.

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