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Mountain Gingseng also known as osha root comes from a plant native to the Rocky Mountains & Northern NM & MX, have traditionally been used as a decongestant to help treat the flu and common cold. This root is also thought to boost immunity and soothe sore throats. Thus it’s gingseng nickname by Native Americans. They have observed bears eating osha leaves when they are sick or weak from hibernation in order to renew their energy. This is now used as natural medicine to enhance wellness, ceremonially & as an incense in tribes in the SW.

Rocky Mountain Gingseng

  • Osha root, Reishi , Mullein, hempseed oil, Fermented Garlic Honey, Absorbic Acid, Glycerin, Holy Basil,Sunflower Lecithin, 190 Proof Certified Natural Organic (Food Grade).

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