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Our fragrance of Egyptian musk was delicately hand-crafted for over 6 months. Our blend will be listed on our website as a roll on. Perfect to go. Perfect for both genders. Absolutely known to be unisex!

Our Arabian White Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil has subtle nuance of floral and something with a bite will take you on an adventure into the great unknown. A soft and simple musk with a sandalwood base plus notes of lime and bergamot make this scent fresh and clean.

The well known ancient Egyptian Musk, known as the Original Blue Musk of the Nile, is a fragrance that evokes the ancient mystique and spiritual allure of Egypt. This scent is not just a perfume; it’s a historical elixir, believed to bridge the physical and spiritual realms and bestow upon its wearer powers akin to those of legend.

Rooted in a 4,000-year-old legacy, Egyptian musk was originally crafted by priests and alchemists using methods mostly lost to time. Esteemed as an exclusive preserve of Pharaohs and priests, it was revered for its supposed abilities to ward off misfortune and command unparalleled respect and affection.

We hope you enjoy being teleported to Egypt from the Rocky Mountains.

White Arabian Egyptian Musk Roll-on 10ml

  • White Arabian Egyptian Musk essential oil blend & Jojoba Oil

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